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Vibrance Designs
Vibrance Designs
Vibrance Designs

Meet the next mywedhelper vendor in our vendor series post, Vibrance Designs. For those of you who don’t know, Puja is the uber talented and ever-so friendly owner of Vibrance Designs, a full service couture invitation, stationery, branding, and design studio. Her love for designing for others emerged in 2009 when Puja decided to create her parent’s 25th anniversary invitation and day of stationery. Puja struggled to find the right off-the-shelf stationary that embodied her parent’s style and personalities, so she took matters into her own hands (literally) and created stationary that would only be a reflection of them. What started off as a gift to her parents soon grew into a thriving business.

This past week, we chatted with Puja for a personal, behind-the-design conversation to explore the lady behind the business.

  1. What inspired you to get into stationary and design?

In a way, this business found me. When searching for an invitation for my parents 25th anniversary, I just couldn’t find anything I loved or reflected my parent’s personality, so being a newly trained graphic designer I took it upon myself to create something for them with the notion of “how cool would it be to brand the event”! It bothered me when I saw friends and family invest so much on their table center pieces but yet have the standard black and white table number – that throws off the whole design!

My passion for bespoke, couture stationary quickly led me into designing everything from table numbers, a seating chart, and little love story note cards. What I didn’t realize was so many of our family friends attending the event were getting married that year, so a few of them asked me to do the same for them. I quickly noticed the demand for couture invitations and stationery that is personable and reflects couple’s personalities. I’ve always strived to understand people and convey their stories in art and that’s what brought me here.

  1. How is Vibrance Designs different that all other invitation and stationary companies?

We’re truly a couture service. Everything we create is hand-drawn and unique to each couple we work with. No two people are the same, so how can their invitation and stationery be the same? Our clients are a large part of the process as well. We sit down with them to truly understand the statement they are trying to make with their wedding.

We capture their wedding vision by illustration, paint, or sketches. Once we are happy with the creation we bring it into the digital world and expand on the illustrations by adding text. Soon after the client sees the first draft of their couture piece and at that point the client can alter anything from the fonts, style or even the art. We work with their feedback to create something unique and truly meaningful to them.

Asides from the art, the couple chooses each treatment, paper, and structure. They build their own suite of stationary. This allows us to not only to make unique artwork but also allow them to allocate their budgets according to where they want to invest. For example a client may love gold foiling but not care so much for a pocket holder and many inserts, we’ll find ways to save on the structure cost and invest in the gold foil.

Lastly we’re 100% Canadian!

  1. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I would say about 80% of our inspiration comes from our clients. We’re a boutique company catering to making artistic pieces that reflect our clients personalities. In each of our one-on-one consultations we not only try to understand the clients vision, but also get to know them on a personal level. After all, in our business, we’re with the client from the invitation to the day of stationery right down to the thank you card, so it’s a relationship we build over a year!

Outside of this, everything and anything can inspire me – travel, music, TV shows, a walk in the park or even while I’m at yoga class. My mind is constantly going – I keep my sketch book (mini sketch book is always on me) on hand to jot down notes or illustrations. If something in my environment catches my eye, then I simply take a picture to reference when I am creating something unique for a client. I am constantly looking for inspiration even if its not for my current clients. I know one day I will meet a client that fits that inspiration – that’s happened to me on numerous occasions.

  1. How do you incorporate your inspiration or the client’s inspiration into your work?

It’s magic! That’s the simple answer. I always have a hard time answering this one. I know sometimes clients will tell me a bunch of ideas and say “you don’t have to use it all” and my response is always just “keep it coming.” Somehow we use it all and make it work. When they ask how we did it I never know what to say. I honestly just play some music, grab a cup of tea and let myself create – I play around until I know it’s working. I think as a designer our brains work a bit differently and we see the world in another perspective.. I always like to lay out each piece of inspiration, and just start creating… magically it always comes together.

  1. What are some of the areas in stationary, invitations and design that you will be focusing on with your couples this year?

It’s the year of treatments and illustrations! Everyone wants something very luxurious, and the best way to explore this is through metallic foiling, letterpress, embossing and laser cut! Already we’re starting to see 2015/2016 clients coming in asking for this. I think with social media people are starting to learn more of what can be done locally, and they truly want something that wows their guest.

Another growing trend that we have always been a part of is hand drawn artwork. Many people are looking into unique illustrations that reflect them and the statement they are trying to make to their guests. I’m finding weddings are getting smaller and cozier and couples are looking to that really raw art.

Lastly, we have seen more and more couples asking to create keepsakes from their invitations. Each piece we create is art, and so many of our couples have been requesting for canvases of their invitation cover – we’ve even printed on Plexiglas! It’s a great investment and something they can put up in their homes that is truly custom!

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